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Additional Donation Information

Donation use

Contributions Made to Specific Initiatives

100% of the donation will be utilized for the initiative specified in the relevant fiscal year.

  • Excess amount when there is a donation that exceeds the amount solicited in the relevant business year
  • Excess amount when there is a donation that exceeds the amount actually used in the business
  • Full amount when canceled as a subsidized organization

General Donations

For donations that are made without a specified for initiatives, 50% or more of contribution will be used for charitable purposes and the balance will be used towards the Foundation’s operational expenses.

Donation Refunds

Donations cannot be refunded.

Information and notes

About Donation Receipts

After confirming your payment, we will mail you a “donation receipt”.
Please keep this donation receipt in a safe place as you will need it to apply for any charitable tax deductions.

About Tax Incentives

The tax system is dependent on the donor’s individual circumstances and place of residence, so please contact the National Tax Agency or your local tax office.

Eligible Donors

Those who apply will be deemed to have agreed to the following criteria.

  1. The Foundation shall not attach any profits or conditions as consideration for donations.
  2. Donors may not audit the accounting of donations.
  3. The donor may not cancel all or part of the donation after the donation.
  4. Donations cannot be transferred or used free of charge.
  5. The donation may not cause any particular burden or hindrance to the initiatives, finances or honor of the Foundation.

Regarding the Handling of Personal Information

The personal information you submit will be used within the scope necessary for the administrative procedures related to the acceptance of donations.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the MJBL Foundation using the following contact information.

More Jobs Better Lives Foundation
W16 Shibuya Mark City, 1-12-1 Dogenzaka
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0043 Japan
Phone Number:+81-3-4500-8610