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About the MJBL Apprenticeship Program

When will information and deadlines regarding recruitment be available?

We update our website periodically when opportunities become available, so please check out our application page.

Is the Foundation able to connect me with a dispatch company or sending agency?

We are able to connect you with companies or agencies we presently have a partnership with.

I want to obtain a specified skills visa to continue living in Japan for four or five years.

The goal of our apprenticeship program is to support those who wish to take what they have learned in Japan to make an impact in their home country, and we do not offer aid for the purpose of immigrating to Japan for long-term employment. Therefore, our program is targeted towards those who will be trained for three years in Japan then return to their home country.

Is it necessary to submit the original copy of my application form?

No, you may submit it digitally through email.

If I have personal or professional issues during my stay, is there somewhere I can get advice?

Yes! You may consult with your supervising organization or with MJBL staff.

Am I able to return home during the program?

As with most jobs, you may discuss with your employer your desire to return home, use paid vacation, and (with your own personal funds) return home temporarily.

Can my family join me in Japan during the program period?

Only the program participant will be granted permission to enter Japan.

About the MJBL Farming Mentors Program

Can I specify the nationality of the apprentice I will mentor?

Depending on the program and recruitment period, the nationality of the apprentices is pre-determined, so please reference the application guidelines on our website.

Can I apply to become a farming mentor even if I do not have experience in mentoring technical interns?

If you are interested in the cultivation of human resources and international contribution, we welcome your application!

How is the supervising organization selected?

Generally, farming mentors are able to choose their supervising organization, however, under specific circumstances, we will connect you to an organization we have a partnership with.

How are apprentices interviewed?

After a supervising organization has been chosen, the sending agency, supervising organization, and our Foundation will conduct online and/or in-person interviews.

I want to mentor my apprentice(s) for as long as possible.

We appreciate your enthusiasm, however, the purpose of our program is to cultivate the skills of apprentices that can apply what they have learned in their home countries, and our program is, as a rule, set at 3 years.

About the MJBL Scholars Program

How do I know if I am eligible to apply?

You can check your eligibility by referring to our Application Requirements.

Why isn’t my country eligible to apply?

Our scholarship is currently is offered to students from countries listed under “Least Developed” on the DAC List of ODA Recipients prepared by the OECD. However, we periodically reevaluate and update our application requirements and would encourage you to check back again during our next application period to see if you are eligible to apply.

How can I apply?

You can apply using our online scholarship application.

What language should I use on the application?

You may apply in English or Japanese.

What language will the final interview be in?

Generally, the interview is conducted in Japanese. However, there is translation support in English.

What if I am unable to attend MJBL social gatherings?

MJBL requires that MJBL Scholars attend our biannual social gatherings, and only accept absence in the case of illness or academic commitments. If you are accepted as an MJBL Scholar, please consult with the Scholarship Program Office in the event that you are unable to attend.

Can I apply if I am not currently attending a Japanese university?

You are able to apply for our scholarship as long as you have documentation of your acceptance to a Japanese university.

What does the scholarship cover?

The scholarship is awarded to be used at the discretion of the MJBL Scholar as outlined in our Application Requirements. We do not, however, cover tuition or additional academic expenses accrued by the Scholar.

Do I need to submit the original version of my checklist documents?

With the exception of governmental documents (passport, residence card, etc), we require that applicants submit the original version of their documents.

Do I need to repay the scholarship?

MJBL Scholars are under no obligation to repay the scholarship.

About Corporate Partnerships

How does my organization become a partner?

Please reach out to using our online form to discuss how your business or organization can partner with More Jobs Better Lives.

What kind of partners is MJBL looking for?

MJBL is enthusiastic to partner and collaborate with businesses and organizations of a variety of expertise and experiences as long as they share our vision for creating job opportunities and improving the quality of life for people around the world. Examples of potential partnerships could be

  • Businesses and organizations based in developing countries that want training opportunities in Japan
  • Businesses and organizations interested in supporting human resource cultivation and job hunting opportunities
  • Those who want to collaborate with or make use of the MJBL network/resources
  • Media partners who would like to cover MJBL initiatives through interviews, etc.

What does a partnership with MJBL look like?

Because every person, group, organization, and enterprise has something unique to offer to our work, no two partnerships will be exactly the same. MJBL is committed to addressing societal issues in a multitude of ways, so reach out to us so that we can discuss your goals together.

Who are MJBL’s current partners?

You can view our current partners on the About Us page.

About Donations

How do I donate?

Please refer to the Support Us page found on website for your donation options.

How is MJBL supported?

MJBL receives support from individual donors, enterprises, and organizations that share our vision.

What will my donation support?

Upon your decision to donate, you will be able to choose which of our initiatives you would like to directly contribute to. If unspecified, over 50% of your donation will be used to support the initiatives of our organizations, and the remainder will be used for operational costs.

Does MJBL have an annual report?

Our annual report is coming soon!

Who do I contact if I have a problem making an online donation?

Please contact us at if you encounter an issue when donating.

About Donations

How do I donate?

Please refer to the Support Us page found on website for your donation options.

How do I donate?

Please refer to the Support Us page found on website for your donation options.