More Jobs Better Lives Foundation

Our Impact

Since 2019, we have been committed to
on-the-ground work
and deep commitment to
the growth of people and their communities.

Number of Participants

4 People

“I chose MJBL because we share the same mission. I want to create jobs and opportunities in agriculture when I return to Tanzania.”

Issa Kachenje
MJBL Scholar, Tanzania

7 People

“When I go back to Nepal, I want many farmers to come learn from me. I am not asking for money; I want to spread my knowledge to as many people as possible.”

MJBL Apprentice, Nepal

Farming Mentors
3 People

“I have always wanted to help create more people who could grow strawberries. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, not just for the apprentices, but for me too.”

Keisuke Suzuki
Representative of Suzuki Strawberry Farm

Global Reach

MJBL is active in the following
regions and countries.

  • Support for Apprentices
  • Support for Scholars
  • Support for Farmers
  • Support for Entrepreneurs
  • Nepal (Support for Apprentices)
  • Bangladesh (Support for Scholars)
  • Afghanistan (Support for Scholars)
  • DR Congo (Support for Scholars)
  • Tanzania (Support for Scholars)
  • India (Support for Apprentices)
  • Japan (Training of Apprentices, Support for Farmers)

Hours of Training