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・Program Overview

MJBL supports NGO help local people in Nepal get safe and stable jobs with training/education. Please apply to this program if you are interested in this grant program.

The application period : 1/4/2023 – 3/31/2023

MJBL Scholar

Apply to be a scholar

Program Overview

MJBL supports motivated and passionate entrepreneur/students who are from developing countries and run their own social business. Please apply to this program if you are interested in receiving a scholarship to focus on your study and business.

Successful applicants to the MJBL Scholarship Program must

  • Demonstrate superior leadership abilities and a desire to create job opportunities
  • Not only be interested in fulfilling basic human needs but also share higher ideals about the wellbeing of the planet and want to take part in solving social issues
  • Want to take part in social business, governmental action, or academics for the betterment of communities and countries
  • Be interested in sharing ideas, solutions, and knowledge among MJBL participants of diverse nationalities, genders, and beliefs in order to create social impact

The application period has finished.

MJBL Apprentice

Apply to be an apprentice

Program Overview

Our apprenticeship program provides grants to technical interns who will be learning at farms in Japan. Those who meet the requirements will take lessons in Japanese in their native countries for half a year, then come to Japan for 3 years to learn relevant farming skills directly from a mentor. We support apprentices who want to learn in Japan and use that knowledge when they return to their home countries.

Successful applicants to the MJBL Apprenticeship Program must

  • Want to learn Japanese agriculture techniques over 3 years
  • Want to learn about leadership skills in addition to agriculture
  • Have their own farm in their home country or be planning to own a farm
  • Want to improve the way farming is done in their home country

The application period has finished.

MJBL Farming Mentor

Participate as a farming mentor

Program Overview

We provide financial aid to Japanese farmers who want to help educate apprentices from abroad. Apart from financial aid, we help create environments and curricula so each apprentice can grow, and regularly visit them to follow up on their progress.

Successful Farming Mentor applicants must

  • Be interested in international aid through farming
  • Want to cultivate young leaders within the farming field
  • Have enthusiasm about new endeavors involving technical interns from abroad

The application period has finished.

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