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Technical Interns from India

Update: 2021.09.07
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We are planning on welcoming 3 technical interns from India in Kumamoto prefecture through our program (postponed due to Covid-19 crisis). This is our first time to welcome Indian interns in Kumamoto prefecture. Let us introduce these new interns below.


Yogendra from Uttar Pradesh

Namaste! I’ve been doing great even during this Covid-19 pandemic. I hope everyone is doing fine, too. I got to know about MJBL foundation program through one of my old friends. I applied for this program with the desire to help my family.

My family is in the agriculture business and growing potato, cauliflower, tomato, broccoli, etc.,. 

I wish I could study agricultural techniques and learn how to succeed effectively without spending too much cost so that I can help my family since my father has been struggling with the lack of agricultural knowledge.  

My family was so excited to know that I’m visiting Japan because none of my family members have never been to Japan. I am so looking forward to seeing farmers and members at the cooperative association in Japan.


Ashish, Madhya Pradesh

Namaste! My family is doing great. Hope everyone is doing fine. I got to know about this program through my neighbor friend who is a nurse.

My family is not in the agriculture business but my uncle is a gardener. By helping his work, I have come to take an interest in agriculture, which is the reason why I applied for this program.

I am thinking of opening a shop that specializes in organic vegetable after studying in Japan since there is no such shop in my home town.

None of my family members have never been abroad. Although the program is behind the schedule, they are not worried about me going to Japan since this program offers me various supports such as online classes and gives us updates about Japan very often. I can’t wait to see farmers and members at the cooperative association in Japan.


Popat, Maharashtra

Namaste! I am doing great. I hope everyone is also doing great. My family is in the agriculture business. We grow wheat, sugar cane and corn.

I and my family are very honored to have an opportunity to study Japanese language and Japanese culture in Japan. I hope I can make use of my experience for my family and my country. My family, although, is worried about Covid pandemic so much.

So, I hope this pandemic will go down soon.


India is a country where you can challenge whatever you want to. We tend to get caught up in a stereotype such as “Indian people are …”, but, like people in Japan, everyone in India has different characters and thoughts and these inters are such honest enthusiasts.

Here is a story. This sending organization asked interns to do chin-ups to build strength but 2 of them were not living close to a park that has a chinning bar. But surprisingly, these 2 made chinning bar by themselves. All interns can now do chin-ups easily with keeping their arms straight. How serious they are!

That’s a bit about these new 3 interns from India. Thank you.