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A Year Later, Part Two

Sara’s Reflection on the Past Year Following the theme of checking in with MJBL Scholars and their impressions…


A Year Later, Part One

Issa’s Reflection on the Past Year & Goals for the Next As the first international students to be accepted…


Entrepreneur Mindset Tips

When Issa, an MJBL Scholar, went home for spring break, he had no idea that he would be spending the spring/su…


Learning in the Time of Covid-19

It’s a humid, rainy afternoon in Tsukuba, Ibaraki, and Sara and Jannat arrive wearing their masks, either tuck…


New Year Brings New Challenges and Solutions

We would like to introduce the greetings for the new year and the Phd students who are enrolled in MJBL.


Kicks Off its Scholarship Program

[Press Release Translation] “MJBL, Supporting the Export of Agricultural Technology and Knowledge to Developin…