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First meet-up of strawberry farming mentors

In July, we visited Ms. Shahansila and Ms. Shuvalaxmi, Nepalese trainees at Suzuki Strawberry Farm in Utsunomi…


Nepalese Interns Arrived in Japan part 2

Following Ram and Dinesh, Shahansila and Shuvalaxmi, strawberry farmers in Kakani Village in Nepal made it to …


Nepalese Trainees Arrived in Japan part 1

Following Indian trainees, Nepalese trainees, Ram and Dinesh also entered Japan successfully in May. The selec…


The Weather in Kathmandu is Like Heaven

My name is Katte, an expat in Nepal. Winter has come and our trainees started to pick up strawberries. Let me …


Life in Nepal under Lockdown

Mr. Katte, who lives and works in Nepal, shares the current state of the country during the COVID-19 pandemic.…



Ram Waits to Take on an Apprenticeship in Japan The recent Indian mutant strain of COVID-19, which is said to …



A Mother’s Thoughts on Her Daughter’s Departure to Japan MJBL: Despite her delayed departure to Ja…


Dreams of a Strawberry Farm-Attached Restaurant

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Japan has placed restrictions on the issuance of new visas, and foreign tech…


Keeping Busy in Nepal

Although the first participants of MJBL’s technical internship program were scheduled to come to Japan earlier…


Challenges for Women in Agriculture

To celebrate International Women's Day, we would like to share what the impact of our programs mean for women.