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News Stories2022.08.12

Visit to Kumamoto (Katte)

Indian trainees supported by MJBL are working at a mini tomato farm in Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture. I visite…


First meet-up of strawberry farming mentors

In July, we visited Ms. Shahansila and Ms. Shuvalaxmi, Nepalese trainees at Suzuki Strawberry Farm in Utsunomi…


Indian trainees visiting the governor of Kumamoto Prefecture

MJBL’s project in Kumamoto Prefecture is the “Grant Program for Farmers who train Technical Intern…


Farming Mentors Series: Suzuki Strawberry Farm

Until now, we’ve introduced Lam, Dinesh, and Shahansila who are all waiting for the opportunity to enter Japan…


Changing from Inside-Out

MJBL Farming Mentors Developed nations have the unique ability to share their expertise and resources with oth…