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Changing from Inside-Out

MJBL Farming Mentors Developed nations have the unique ability to share their expertise and resources with oth…


When Work Isn’t Enough?

The rise in unemployment is an obvious consequence of the ongoing covid-19 pandemic; for example, Japan’s mini…


Keeping Busy in Nepal

Although the first participants of MJBL’s technical internship program were scheduled to come to Japan earlier…


Entrepreneur Mindset Tips

When Issa, an MJBL Scholar, went home for spring break, he had no idea that he would be spending the spring/su…


Learning in the Time of Covid-19

It’s a humid, rainy afternoon in Tsukuba, Ibaraki, and Sara and Jannat arrive wearing their masks, either tuck…


Shifting Humanitarianism

What does it mean to be a humanitarian? The Cambridge Dictionary puts it simply: “(A PERSON WHO IS) INVOLVED I…


Reconnecting for a Better Life

Our world is dipping its toes into the water to test the possibility of returning to our places of working, le…


Sustainable Farming Trends and the Push for Localization

While COVID-19 has rocked the global economy in several ways, the effects on the agriculture industry were tho…


COVID-19 and Employment

The COVID-19 Pandemic has impacted communities and countries worldwide. While the total effects will not be un…


New Year Brings New Challenges and Solutions

We would like to introduce the greetings for the new year and the Phd students who are enrolled in MJBL.